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The idea behind the Spirals project began in December 2018 during a visit to Christoph Heiss' cellar in Kamptal, Austria (Malinga Wines). What started as a simple suggestion of doing a couple of custom blends eventually took on a life of its own, and over the course of the months that followed the Spirals project was born.

Spirals is not a brand, it is a label that adorns a series of collaborative cuvées made with different growers every year. This project is also a means of giving back - 100% of the profits of all Spirals wines will always be donated to various organisations whose work we believe in and whose ideals are aligned with our own (scroll down for more info). Tying it all together is an educational aspect, urging the use of our platform to push the ideals of sustainability, respectful farming, and social change, and to amplify the voices of the people leading crucial discussions.

Where does the name come from? Initially inspired by a Maynard James Keenan lyric, the idea reflects the interconnectedness of all living things, but also the idea of a spiral of good. A personal mission to always do better. An upward spiral to breathe life, if you will, as reflected by the label artwork.

Certainly not least is the content of the bottles. These are completely unique and one-off projects with some of today's most exciting winemakers. The rule is that it always needs to be a win-win situation. Either being able to utilise batches that were going to go unused as part of a zero-waste effort, or creating something together from scratch as an opportunity for an experiment that the grower would have never done for his or her own range of wines. As with every bottle we currently import, these wines are always made with organically-grown fruit as a bare minimum, and with a 'less is more' philosophy in the cellar.

This is merely the beginning, and the first chapter in a search for meaning behind the work that we do and the opportunities for change.

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Profits from the current Spirals releases will be donated to Made In Hackney. Please read below and follow the links to learn more about, and also consider giving support to, this wonderful organisation.

Made In Hackney is a community cookery school focused on education, inclusion, community support, and on helping to build a better food future for all. We’re big believers in the power of education to instigate change, and we have admired MIH’s journey over the past few years, working tirelessly to help people from all walks of life. As our business is based in Hackney, we are proud to support a local organisation.

“Everyone could eat better, feel better and make more sustainable food choices. Through our community programme we are proud to work with a wonderful range of groups such as young people in care, low income families, pensioners, people in recovery, adults with learning difficulties, people with long term health challenges, or simply individuals looking to connect with their diverse local community and change their eating habits”

Through a series of paid-for events and services MIH are able to fund and facilitate a programme of food growing, preserving, composting, and cooking classes with the groups most in need. Eating locally, seasonably, more plant-based, organic, and from sustainable sources takes some initial effort and education, and this is a message they are delivering in a range of settings such as schools, children and youth centres, community centres, recovery centres, hostels and cultural spaces.

After having to shut their community kitchen due to Covid in March and cancel all their events, the team at MIH immediately pivoted to cooking meals for people in need, delivering 400-500 meals per day at the height of lockdown, supported by donations, grants, and the help of a large team of volunteers. This is something they are continuing to do to this day, alongside working on gradually re-launching the community kitchen and face-to-face events and masterclasses.

All of this with one key mission, and admirable aim: to help people lead healthier, happier, more connected, environmentally sustainable lives. They do this whilst bringing together diverse communities to enhance social cohesion and to help green the urban environment.

For more information please visit www.madeinhackney.org